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Sound of Freedom! The Story of Estonian Popular Music
Sound of Freedom! The Story of Estonian Popular Music
4.05.2018 - 30.10.2020
This popular music exhibition tells the story of Estonian people, culture and primarily the music that became popular between the two world wars. Estonian music is related to the colourful history of the state itself, having survived all the hard and easy times. Pop music was first performed by jazz groups and 78 rpm gramophone records played for dance and entertainment, went through an underground jazz period, promoted the rise of beat music, made its way under the skin of Estonian people through the TV show “Horoscope”, was imposed numerous performance bans, and finally regained independence for Estonia. 

The exhibition will tell that success story through the viewpoints of key persons, groups, composers and events that together make up the Hall of Fame of Estonian Music, the aim of which is to preserve the cultural heritage of our pop music for the future generations.